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Fix common problems in Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung J3 Smartphone at a reasonable price. The phone has pretty good specs, but there are some problems that users face while using the phone. We have made a list of problems and helpful tips on how to solve them. This short guide provides common problems with the Samsung Galaxy J3 and their solutions.

Common problems in Samsung Galaxy J3 and fixes

Problem 1. wi-fi issue in Samsung J3

The most common problems that users face with Wi-Fi are no connection or signal is weak. Here are some possible solutions to Wi-Fi problems in Samsung J3.

Disable the Smart Network Switch

This feature allows you to automatically switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data if the Wi-Fi connection is unstable. Disabling this feature will allow your device to focus on getting a stable network.

  • Connect J3 to Wi-Fi and navigate to Settings 
  • Now tap on Connections section 
  • Tap on Wi-Fi 
  • Now tap the menu (three dots) 
  • Then disable smart network 

Reset Network Settings

  • Navigate to Settings 
  • Tap on Backup and Reset 
  • Tap on Reset network settings 
  • You may be prompted for a pattern / password / tap Reset settings to confirm. 

Forget the network and connect again

  • In the Notifications panel, press & hold the Wi-Fi icon - this will open Wi-Fi settings 
  • Look for the network that you have problems with 
  • tap on it and tap on forget network 
  • Restart the device and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network 

Clear cache

Problems can arise if the cache partition is too big and has not been deleted for long time.
  • Make sure your device has enough battery charge. 
  • Turn off Samsung J3 
  • Press and hold the Home button and Volume Up button and Power button simultaneously 
  • Release the power button when the Samsung logo appears while holding down the Home button and Volume Up button 
  • When Android figure appears release the buttons 
  • Use the Volume Down button and select the Wipe Cache Partition . 
  • Confirm the selection using the Power button 
  • Use the Volume Down button again to select YES and confirm the selection using the Power button 
  • When the J3 restarts check whether the Wi-Fi problems still exist or not 

Problem 2 - Samsung J3 screen problem

There are different types of screen problems reported by Samsung Galaxy J3 users. Some of them are as follows:
  • There are lines on the screen 
  • J3 screen problems blinks or flickers 
  • Black Screen (Death Screen) 
Here are some possible solutions to address the Samsung J3 screen problems.

Fixing lines on the screen or screen flickers.

You can start troubleshooting Samsung J3. This can be done by restarting the phone and checking it in safe mode. In Safe mode, all third-party apps will be disabled. This will help you understand if there is a problem with any of 3rd apps.

Safe mode

If there is a bug in the system, you can start in Safe Mode to see if the problem occurs.

  • Press and hold the power button until different options appear 
  • Press and hold on Power off, and you will see a message to reboot in safe mode 
  • Press this option, the device will be restarted. Now when you restart the phone you will start in safe mode. You will be able to see Safe Mode in the lower-left corner of the Home screen. 
  • If the lines disappeared from the screen it is possible the problem was caused by a third party application. You need to remove the apps you've recently installed or perform factory data reset. 
  • Returning to normal mode is very easy. Just press the power button and tap the Restart option. 

Clear cache

While you are in safe mode, you can also try clearing the cache. We referred to wipe cache partition above.

Factory reset

This will clear all data and settings. Therefore, make sure that you back up first. Next, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Home button, Power button, and Volume Up button simultaneously and wait for the Samsung logo to appear 
  • It will take some time for the "Reset" 
  • Use the Volume Down button and scroll down to Wipe Data / Factory reset. Now select this option using the power button 
  • Scroll down using the Volume Down button to select Yes-Delete All User Data option and press the Power button again 
  • Your Samsung J3 will delete all its contents and settings. 

The black screen or screen of death is when the J3 phone suddenly stops and the phone can not be restarted. Here are some possible solutions to fix black screen problems in Samsung J3:

Remove the battery

Since the Galaxy J3 has a removable battery, you can try pulling the smartphone cover carefully to remove the battery. After this press and hold the power key for one minute and then place the battery back in place.

Charge your phone

If the problem persists and the Samsung J3 does not work try charging the phone. Make sure that the cable, charger and charging are not damaged.

Problem 3 - Overheating problem Samsung J3

Overheating problem is not a good thing happens our smartphones. There are some easy ways to deal with overheating problems.

Charge the phone in safe mode

The phone is usually subject to overheating problems during charging. Some bad third party apps can cause a lot of problems. You can try charging your J3 in safe mode. Follow the steps above. Charge your phone in this mode to check if the problem still exists or not. Now you will know if there is a third party application that is responsible of overheating, if your phone does not heat up when in safe mode. You can then attempt to remove applications one by one or perform a factory reset.

There are some things to remember while using J3. Which will help you to avoid overheating problems:

  • Remove the cover from the phone when charging it. 
  • Avoid using your phone when charging it. And avoid playing games or watching video while charging your phone. 
  • Do not place your phone under direct sunlight or any hot sources for a long time. 

Factory reset

Resetting the device to factory settings also helps solve problems. You can follow the steps above and perform a reset of your device to solve overheating problem in J3.

Problem 4 - SD card problems

External memory card SD is an important part of your device. It helps expand data storage in your mobile phone. Samsung J3 offers maximum storage capacity of 16 GB for users. Some users reported problems with the SD card - the device failed to recognize the card in the slot. Another problem encountered to some users was that they could not transfer data or applications from the internal storage to their SD cards.

Reinsert the SD card

Turn off the J3 and remove the SD card from the slot. Clean the slot with a soft cotton and then reinsert the SD card. Now restart the device.

Format SD card

Another solution you can do is to format the SD card but before you can take a backup of your SD card on your computer or laptop. You can then copy the content again and reinsert the card.

Problem 5. Battery problem in Samsung J3

The Samsung J3 offers a 2,600 mA battery. If you notice an unexpected battery drain on Samsung J3, there are some fixes that you can try.

  • Turn off the GPS. GPS system drains battery too fast. Run it only when you need it.
  • Be sure to turn off Bluetooth when you are not using it.
  • Close apps running in background. Apps running in background drain a lot of battery charge .. tap on Recent Apps button and then press the 'X' icon to close all of them.

Problem 6. Touch does not work in the Samsung Galaxy J3

There are two reasons for the Touch problems in J3 - it is either a software problem or it may be a problems such the device get wet or you might have dropped it into water by mistake.

If the problem is physical, you will need to contact nearest Samsung service center. For other problems, try the following:

You can try removing the SIM card from your device and then reinserting it after a minute. Then restart the phone.

Clear your phone's cache by following the steps previously mentioned in this topic.

Another possible solution is to perform a factory reset.


  1. What do you do if your phone says Drive in top left hand side you removed apps that is causing memory problems and constantly letting this Drive mode comes up Please tell me what to do I have to use this phone I have a sixty-four gig bite SD card all my songs are on that card there is room for more sore I am trying to put songs from External drive and transfer it on Internal SD card.


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