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How to fix "unfortunately, sense home has stopped" error

what to do when htc home sense has stopped

Why do I see this error message "Unfortunately, sense home has stopped" ?

This message is most often caused by out of charge battery or a problem occurred with htc sense data and it causes htc’s screen to stop. This application is responsible for organizing htc main interface (the user interface) and the message continues to appear again and again, htc screen freeze and stop working. An error message will appear says:

"Sense Home has stopped unexpectedly."
Another message may appear:
"Unfortunately, Sense Home has stopped"

This problem reported by : htc m8, htc desire 820, one m9, one m8 verizon users . 

How to solve "Unfortunately, Sense Home has stopped" problem

Method 1 :

Try to reset main screen sense settings by clearing cache and data for HTC Sense application and get it to back to its default settings.
  • From drop-down menu choose Settings or press Search button on your phone and find settings.
  • Select Applications> Application Management> htc sense> tap on Clear Cache then tap on Clear Data
  • Now press Home screen button you should now see a background and default screen of the phone
Try adding an item in a user interface.

1. On Setup screen for HTC Sense Home interface, Click to personalize> Let's browse.
2. Click where you want to finish setting up widget.
3. On widget, click down arrow, click on three dots and choose "Customize HTC Sense Home Page”.
4. Select all options on the screen, then press Back button

Method 2 :

You have to update Sense Home from play store
If you can access apps drawer go to:

Apps > Play Store > Sense Home > Update

If not try this :

1. Send yourself SMS with any link in order to open any browser you have in your phone
2. Type “Google play” in search bar and click 1st result it should be Google play store
4. Once you are in Play Store, go to My Installed Apps
5. Update Sense Home.


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