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How to fix "obtaining ip address" wifi error

obtaining ip address but not connecting

You may have encountered a continuous and very annoying "obtaining ip address" message when you are trying to connect to a network. And you may come across some apps claims to solve this problem. I don't advise you to download such applications as it might sometime cause more problems than it can solve. It's possible to solve this issue in just a few steps.

At any time you turn in your Wi-Fi, you device tries to connect to the closet connection. It scans and finds a network and attempts to obtain IP address from it but it disconnects and begins to scan for another network again. This is what this problem is all about. This is a result of the Wi-Fi router that could not assign an IP address to your device. To fix this error follow the following steps:

How to fix "obtaining ip address" wifi error 

For Android version 2.x to 4.0

Go to: Settings and choose Wireless and Networks. Turn on Wi-Fi and input Wi-Fi settings.

Press Menu button and choose Advance.

Tick on Use Static IP box and assign the values according to the screenshot.

StaticIP_2 You can change IP address of your choice.

obtaining ip address connected no internet

For Android version 4.1 and greater

Proceed to Settings and then tap on Wi-Fi.

Turn on the Wi-Fi and connect into a network.

Long press on the connected network and select Modify Network.

Then tick on Show advanced settings

From ip settings select static

insert IP of your choice but dont change any other options.

obtaining ip address samsung duos

This should fix obtaining ip address problem. Ensure that you’ve entered a unique IP address so that it will not conflict with other connected devices.

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