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How to fix huawei p8 lite wifi problem

huawei p8 lite does not connect to wifi

Most of Huawei P8 Lite users have a problem with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the wifi not connecting, today we will explain all available ways to solve wifi problem in Huawei P8 Lite.
Note: Try all the methods listed below. Some users of Huawei P8 Lite have been lucky enough to solve Wi-Fi issue without sending the device to Huawei Service Center.

How to fix huawei p8 lite wifi problem

Method 1: Reset the network

  • Go to: Settings
  • Then “back up and factory reset”
  • Then “Advanced Settings”
  • Then tap on “reset network” button

All network settings will be cleared now reboot your device and try connecting on your Wi-Fi network

Method 2: Disable Wi-fi direct app

  • First, turn off your Wi-Fi
  • Now go to: Settings> Apps > tap on “Wifi Direct” app
  • Now turn off the application
  • Go back to home screen and turn on wifi and try to connect now

Method 3: Wipe Cache Partition

  • Turn off Huawei P8 lite
  • Press and hold the power + Volume Down keys at the same time until you see recovery mode window
  • Now from the screen go to Wipe Cache Partition option using Volume up & Volume down keys to navigate and the power key to confirm
  • Wait until process is done and then go to Reboot phone option and press power key
  • Now try connecting to your Wi-Fi network

Method 4: Change IP settings

  • Go to: Settings > Wi-Fi > Press and hold on your Wi-Fi network
  • You will see a menu select Modify Network
  • Go down to IP Settings section
  • Change it to Static
  • Host proxy name, place any value you choose from to
  • Proxy port, enter one of them "8080", "3128", "80".
  • Click "Save".

Solution 5: Change Wi-Fi settings

  • Go to Settings> Wi-Fi> Advanced settings
  • Look for "Keep Wi-Fi on sleep" option
  • Now change this option to: Never

Method 6 : Developer Options

Go to: Settings> Developer Options
Turn “ON” the following options only:
  • Development options
  • Stay Active
  • Legacy DHCP client

Method 7: CM security App

If you have installed CM Security app make sure that you have not locked Wifi application because it conflicts with your device's Wi-Fi settings.

Method 8: Send the device to repair center

If the previous methods did not work with you, it is very likely that the fault is hardware (Wifi chip damaged) so there is no solution but to send the device to Huawei repair center.

These are all the ways to solve Wi-Fi does not work in Hwawi p8 lite problem If you have other solutions worked with you please write in the comments box so everyone can reach this solution.


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