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How to fix error "Unfortunately, Trebuchet stopped"

If you are a fan of getting various ROMs from time to time you probably have encountered a common problem causing your system freeze, the home screen becomes blank, the system is shut down strongly and then you will end up restarting your android. There are a lot of people getting this annoying error. If you are one of them, then thats what you can do to fix "Unfortunately, stop trebuchet" or "Unfortunately, Launcher stopped "

Note: This error is common in Rooted Android devices and most of them are users of Cyanogens Mode (such as CM 7, CM 9, CM 10) that use Trebuchet as a default launcher.

How to fix error "Unfortunately, Trebuchet stopped"

Method 1: Clear data and cache

  • Go to System Settings >> Applications >> Open "All" tab >> Select Trebuchet
  • Click Force Stop >> Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • Restart your android phone

Method 2: Install a different launcher

Install different launcher such as Google now Google Now, Nova or Apex and set it as default

It is possible that there will be a conflict between the old Trebuchet and the new launcher . by using a file manager application such as Root explorer or File explorer

Go to System >> Apps >> Delete or rename Trebuchet to any other name

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