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Best android apps for monitoring your baby

These days, smart phones can replace almost everything. For example, it become somewhat alternative to professional cameras, and can be used as an alternative to photo editing and processing programs.

Today one of the important things in our life is baby protection or home security. Old smartphones can do that security job for you, you can turn your old smartphone to a monitoring screen or security camera. a Few applications that can do this job in a very easy way, in this article we are going to show you the most important and best baby monitoring applications for Android phones .

1. AtHome Camera:

The first of these applications is AtHome Camera, which has reached 5 million downloads only from Google Play Store, this application can be used as a home monitoring system. It converts your old or existing smartphone into a security camera, perhaps the most important benefits of the application movement sensor, it is a very useful feature it will let you receive instant alerts, and will activate instant call, and it supports 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, night vision system and many more useful features, it is available for free but with ads if you want to get rid of these ads you can pay $ 0.99.

Download AtHome Camera app

2. Baby Monitor:

Baby Monitor a new applications in this field, and power of its tools has proven itself in a very short period of time. For this reason, this app is your eyes and ears in home. In case if your baby is crying, the application will notify you immediately via Skype call, The application is free and doesn’t any annoying ads. You can specify more than one phone number. If the phone battery is low, you will be notified.

Download Baby Monitor app

3. Alfred:

one of the easiest and best monitoring applications, in addition to that does not require you any high skills to deal with it, it is free, all you have to do is launch the application and register with your Gmail with two smartphones, one used as a security camera, the other for monitoring, the app have instant alarm, night system, video recording and support more than multi monitors.

Download Alfred app

4. Dormi:

This application is one of the oldest and the most popular application in this field. You can customize sensitivity. In this way, you will not get notifications unless your baby starts to make noise. Battery information in real time, and it works with different networks, whether Wi-Fi or data or network 3G, 4G and LTE, full encryption, but unfortunately it offers you a free version for a limited time “1 month trial”, after that you must subscribe monthly or annually.

Download Dormi app


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