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How to fix "unfortunately system ui has stopped" in all android devices

galaxy s5 screenshot not working system ui
One of the most common errors in the Android operating system is “Unfortunately com.android.systemui has stopped” or you may see this error “Unfortunately system UI has stopped”, which stops the main screen of the device completely and the device stops responding.
This error can be caused by a custom ROM installation or a third-party application that you recently installed. Also this error occurs when you try to take a screenshot (reported by galaxy 5 users). So here are the most effective ways to solve this issue:

How to fix "Unfortunately operation com.android.systemui has stopped" in Android smartphones

Method 1: Wipe Cache Partition

1. Turn off your smartphone
2. Press and hold the following buttons at the same time (Power button, Volume up button, Home button) as shown in the picture.
unfortunately system ui has stopped lollipop
3. You can release buttons after recovery mode menu appears
4. Use keys volume up and volume down to move up and down. Now select Wipe Cache Partition and confirm your selection by pressing the power off button.

unfortunately system ui has stopped fix

5. You will notice a notification at the bottom of the screen in yellow telling you that Cache Wipe Complete.

unfortunately system ui has stopped sony xperia

6. Now restart your device by going to Reboot System Now and press Power button to confirm.
7. Now the device will restart.

Method 2: Uninstall updates for Google Play App

  • We go to Application Manager
  • Then Google Play app
  • We uninstall updates
  • Then we go to play store
  • And stop installing updates to avoid the same problem
  • Until a new update come up and fixes the problem

Method 3: Get rid of applications that may be responsible for this error

First of all, make sure that "com.android.systemui" is caused by an application try to run your device in safe mode and use it for a while to make sure you do not receive this error message.

Get rid of the app that might be causing the problem, and if there's more than one app you suspect, remove the apps one by one to determine which application is causing the problem.

Method 4: Reinstall or try another ROM (for custom ROM devices)

If your device has a custom ROM, it may be that this ROM causing the problem.
You need to reinstall ROM or try another new ROM, and be sure to Wipe Cache Partition after installation.


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