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How to fix error 406 in Google Play Store

Error code 406 is one of the Google store errors experienced by some users during downloading the application. Most users have no clue how or why this error occurs. This error occurs if in fact you had reset your Google account you used to register on your phone, or if did a factory reset to your phone, or if you register a new account on your phone. Sometimes this error also occurs during application download via WiFi. Here are some ways to solve 406 error in Android devices.

How to fix error 406 in Google Play Store

Method 1: clear cache and data

  • Go to Settings >> Application Manager or Apps >> All Apps >> look for Google Play Store >> tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Then you need to Force Stop application.
  • Also apply the previous steps to Google Play Services >> Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Also, look for the Google Service Framework > > Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Now, restart your Device and try to download the application.
This is the basic way to solve any errors in Google Store. I hope you fix this error through this way. If you still get error, go to the next method.

Method 2: Remove and Re-add a Google Account

  • Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google
  • Remove all your accounts at Google.
  • Turn off the phone and restart your phone after 10 seconds.
  • Return to Google Store and log into your account
  • Accept all terms of Google, run Google store and download the app.
You must remove and re-add Google account to resolve your problem. If the error continues to appear, go to the next method

Method 3: check the Internet connection

Most of the time error 406 is caused by a problem in WiFi. So make sure your Internet connection is working correctly and you have a good connection speed. You can also try to switch your Internet connection WiFi to mobile data. If the error keeps appearing, turn off Wi-Fi then turn it ON and then try to download the application.

Method 4: reset your phone to factory settings

This is the last way to get rid of this problem but I would recommend not resetting your phone unless there is no other choice. Resetting your phone will erase all the data and information, application downloads and all this stuff but you can back up data, information, applications and other things before resetting the phone.
  • Go to Settings >> scroll down and select the Backup and Reset.
  • Once you click Backup and Reset > > another option will appear.
  • Click on Factory Data Reset.

These are some solutions for error 406 in Google Play Store hope you’ve solved your problem now.

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